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forget facebook

forget linkedin

but your own social media platform

our services

A complete course enviroment with Social Media functionalities developed and white labeled and a combination of Social Media platform | Communication (i.e. Slack-Whatsapp) | (Private) Groups | Forums | E-Learning | Memberships | CDN etc so everything combined in a  all in one platform, including integration of Landingpages | Payment Pages and ZOOM integration. Everything that is required for your brand and more with opportunities for upsell / downsell (i.e. Private paid group Memberships etc.). all can be maintained in one platform.

The next step which we can also do is to private label everything into a  branded app for mobile devices so all functionality is available in your own private label app.


Inplement your own courses and sell them via our enviroment

Social Media

Let your members discuss those courses with features such as forums or post sections

The possibilities

What are all the options?

If you have knowledge that you want to pass on to your members, you can do this via courses you can inplement and edit all by yourself.

Ask a questions in the forums tab and get answers by fellow members, this section is designed so that members can help each other.

Your members are lots of diverse people with lots of diverse talents. You can create groups for people with the same interests and hangout and learn.

You have your own profile that tracks your accomplishments and progress. You can also edit this profile to let people know who you are.

As an admin, you can track your members progress and help them where they are stuck.

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